London 2013

It's nearly midnight and everyone is sleeping soundly - which is hardly surprising as we've had an amazing fourteen hour day traveling across the city !!!
It's got to be said that the children are looking tired but we're having a fantastic time, packing in as much as we possibly can and it really is a pleasure to be away with everyone.

The day started with Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum followed by a walking tour of central London and a guided tour of Westminster Abbey.
We then traveled on the river down to Greenwich where we visited the Planetarium.
After a quick tea in the hostel we went bowling and then in to town to see the lights in Piccadilly Circus and down on the Embankment.
It's and early start tomorrow with breakfast at 7.00am so I'm going to say goodnight !

Thanks for all the comments.
There will be more up-dates tomorrow.


Day Two.

We've all had a great nights sleep - really it's true !!
As you can see we're enjoying breakfast before we head off in to the city.
We'll make another unpdate when we get back this evening.


As promised here are some more photos.

As you can see we're having a great time in glorious sunshine
(I bet we won't be calling the sun glorious by Thursday !).
We've been on the London Eye, and walked up Whitehall an across Horse Guard's parade to Trafalgar Square where we visited the National Gallery.
We've had our first taste of the Underground although and it's got to be said that the "Tube Surfing" needs a lot of work !!
We saw Despicable Me 2 at the cinema which was great.
It's 11.40pm and, believe it or not, everyone is asleep.

There will be more photos tomorrow.
Please leave lots of messages.


As you can see we've made it safely to London and are on the London Eye.
Since then we've also visited the National Gallery and the Cinema.
Everyone is having a great time however we've been having technical difficulties and have only just managed to get on the internet.
It looks like we've solved the problem though so we'll try and put a few more photos on later.
Please leave messages !