London 2016

We're safely back in the hostel and everyone is asleep.

Wicked was amazing and after a brilliant evening in the theatre we took a "break away" group to see Buckingham Palace.
As you can see the lighting wasn't exactly spectacular however we can tick it off as another site.

The thunder storm was spectacular though, although we obviously got soaking wet on the way back to the hostel - who said that we wouldn't need coats ?


Day Three

As you can see from the photos we've certainly relaxed into the demands of the city and are taking things like the underground very much "in our stride".
The children have been amazing again today as we've travelled across the city to visit the Natural History Museum and The Tower of London.
Lots of brilliant experiences that will stay with us for along time.

We're currently having a bit of a break in the hostel (which is very well deserved) before heading to our second theatre of the week to watch Wicked; which will be a real contrast to Macbeth - and just as entertaining.

It's got to be said we're abit on the tired side (God help you this weekend when the chidren are back) but everyone is very happy and we're having a great trip.
There is even a picture of Jack smiling !!

Thanks for all the messsages - believe it or not we have been finding the odd few seconds to read them.

Check back later to see some more photos from today.