London 2016

Good morning everyone.

We've had a very quiet night (whuch isn't a surprise !!) and we're just about to have breakfast.
Everyone is full of energy and smiling, and we're looking forward to a busy day out-and-about.
The sun is shining - which means it will be far too hot later !!!

We should have a bit of time in the hostel before the theatre tonight so leave lots of messages for us to read later on.


Here are a couple of photos to be going on with.
We've had a great evening ice skating - although as you can see from the photo there are a couple of tired faces.

It's gone midnight and everyone is safely back in the hostel and asleep - which is just as well considering everything we'll be up to tomorrow.

We're having internet problems (which is hard to believe in the middle of London but true) so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for some more photos.


Hello everyone !

As you can see we've arrived safely in the big city and if you look carefully you'll see some blue sky - it's stopped raining !!!

We've been on the London Eye and this photo shows us outside the National Gallery which we've also visited this afternoon.
We're currently having tea before heading out ice skating this evening

Make sure you check back later on (probably much later on !) when there'll be loads of photos of us enyoying our day.

Please leave lots of messages.