London 2016

As you can see our final day in London wasn't actually spent in London !
Having braved the Underground with our cases to get back to our minibuses we spent all day at Thorpe Park.

 Now that we're all safely back in Devon I'd like to say what an absolute pleaseure it was to be away with this group.
I know I'm speaking for all of the adults who were on the trip when I say what a credit all of the children were to themsleves and their school, and of course to you as their parents.
Their attitude and enthusiasm, even when tired, was quite exceptional and the way that everyone coped with the demands of the city, and the demands of our itinerary, was something that I wish you all could have seen.
We are all feeling very proud of all of the children.

  I'm sure that this trip will have given the children many wonderful memories which they will take with them; and I also know that the experiences that they have had will play a big part in their developemnt as the fully rounded, independent and confident people that they are so clearly already becoming.

I'd like to thank Caroline, Teena, David and Meg for their endless hard work and support on the trip. It really wouldn't have been possible without them.

Trips like this are obviously a great deal of hard work, however I can honestly say that when you get to share your time with exceptional individuals like these children it is worth every second.


It's just gone mid-night and we're safely back at the hostel and heading for sleep. This is probably only a few minutes away for most !
Everyone is keen to be fresh for tomorrow's big event - which is obviously getting home and nothing to do with Thorpe Park !!

Believe it or not there wasn't a single sleeper at the IMAX !!

I don't think there will be any chances for any more updates so see you all tomorrow at mid-night.