London 2017

Hello everyone, Mrs T again.  As promised, here are some pictures which show some of the landmarks our travellers have visited today! It's been a very busy day, and they are currently enjoying what will no doubt be a competitive game of ten-pin bowling.   Today's adventures have included a trip to Westminster Abbey, The London Dungeons and the Royal Observatory.  As you can see from the pictures, the children are certainly getting around, and seeing as much of the city as they can!  Thank you again for all of your comments!


Hi Everyone - Mrs T here with some pictures the intrepid travellers have sent through!  The internet isn't being too co-operative so far - hopefully this will improve!

Everyone is currently safely at the cinema, after a very long and hot day! After the delays getting into the city, everyone enjoyed the scenic tour in, taking in the sights such as Picadilly Circus, The Ritz and Harrods (hopefully Sir will be bringing us all back some lovely gifts!!).   Once they arrived everyone enjoyed the London Eye - spooting landmarks and working out how far they will be going in their adventures this week.   After they had completed their journey on the Eye, everyone enjoyed a walk through the city - taking in many sights such as Trafalgar Square, Nelson's Column, Downing  Street and Horseguards Parade.


Following their dinner the group have headed off to the cinema - I don't think we would be surprised if there were some sleepy heads during the film!

Fingers crossed, and internet allowing there will be a few more photos added later on.   Thanks for all your comments!