London Residential 2012

Year Six London Residential - 2012
*** We're Safely Home after an exhusting - but Amazing Week !! ***

Day Five at Thorpe Park has been Up-Loaded.


On behalf of all of our staff I would like to say how very proud we are of the children who took part in this trip.
Their behaviour, attitude and the interest they showed towards everything that we did was never less than exceptional - even towards the end of a busy and tiring week - and they were a real credit to themselves.
The list of compliments that they received from the general public is far to long to list here !
As you can see from this page we had a brilliant time taking part in a huge range of amazing activities and having some great experiences, however the trip was also very demanding and exhausting - as anyone who has spent any length of time in London will appreciate - and the enthusiastic way that the children kept on going was a fantastic thing to be a part of.
I think we've all had an experience that we'll remember forever.


It's nearly midnight on day one and everyone is sleeping soundly!  We've had a brilliant action packed day, and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow's activities.

We started off our adventure at the London Eye, and enjoyed the panoramic views of London.  Our guides even helped us to find some of the attractions that we will be visiting through the week.

After this we walked through Whitehall and picked out some famous sights, before heading up to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. 


After our session at The National Gallery we headed on to the underground and made our way to the Youth Hostel.  
We enjoyed a large dinner, and then made our way to the cinema this evening.


The final order of business for the day was to celebrate Holly's birthday with presents and cakes!  We aren't sure if Holly will ever forgive us for singing happy birthday to her in a wide range of locations, but we all certainly had lots of fun helping her mark her 11th birthday!