London Residential all Photos

Hello everybody, I hope everybody has reached some sort of recovery by now after a very long week in our nation's capital.


We travelled all over London doing some absolutely wonderful things, some days leaving the Hostel at 8am, getting back as late as midnight, then getting up and doing it all over again the next day!


The children worked very hard throughout the week to keep the pace of what was an immense trip, I hope the photos that were shared over the 4 days and all the ones here you may not have seen reflect what an incredible time we all had, staff and children. 


We are very proud of the children, their attitude and efforts all week were brilliant to be around and a pleasure to go away with. Throughout the week we were told by strangers, police officers, staff from the places we visited and underground attendants what wonderful, well mannered children they are. They are a credit to our school and you all as parents.