London Residential - Day Three

You're not going to be surprised to read that we've had another packed day.
We spent most of the morning at the Houses of Parliament where we were able to go in to both the Houses of Commons and Lords. When we'd finished our tour we met our MP Geoffery Cox in a Committee Room and went down on to the MP's Terrace beside the Thames.
We then went on the Thames again to get to the Globe Theatre where we worked with one of their actors on Romeo and Juliet.
The afternoon day finished with a trip to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.
as you can see from the photos we're all very happy - if a bit weary.

We're up-dating this in a spare hour back at the Hostel before we head of to Victoria to see "Wicked".
Back late again and maybe another up-date much later !!!


It's about 11.30pm and we've just got back from "Wicked" - which was wicked !!!
Everyone one was fast asleep within about 45 seconds .........
......... so we're going to be fresh for another non-stop day tomorrow !!