On Wednesday 25th June class 4 went to Lynton and Lynmouth to learn how humans have used water to improve transportation and look at a disaster that was caused by water.

Firstly, we drove by cars and a mini bus, but before we arrived at Lynton we stopped at Woody Bay Station! A man who worked at the station gave us talk he was named Alec, he explained how the steam train worked and told us lots of amazing facts.

After that, we went on the train we went in the third class carriage on the steam train. Alec told us more cool facts we also got the chance to ask some questions. Just before we went back to the station all of us got to see the rails change.

Next ,we went over to the cliff railway, Mr Lewis asked us how we thought the cliff railway worked it took us till lunch time to figure it out it turns out that it fills up with water and the weight of the water pulls it down.

After lunch we got split up into two groups, one group went to the museum and the other group went and drew a picture of the river and part of Exmoor, then the two groups swapped over.

At the museum we saw a miniscule model of Lynton and a news report of the flood which killed over 22 people.

Finally, it was time to go, so we walked to cliff railway then back to the vehicle’s to go home. So we learnt many things about the use of water and we all agreed that the cliff railway was the best part. Well this is the  end of our trip so we’ll sign it of here!

By Adam, Victoria and Molly.