Morwenstow Autumn 2014

On Friday 12th of September, class 6 went to Morwenstow because we are learning about local history and geography.

First we learnt about R.S Hawker the vicar of Morwenstow Church. R.S Hawker had his own hut on a cliff above the beach, called Hawker’s hut.

Hawker’s hut is made out of ship wrecked wood. Hawker was a poet as well as a vicar, he was also well known for writing his poems in his hut. We spent some time writing our own poems.

Hawker was famous for rescuing shipwrecked sailors.

In Morwenstow church yard there is a copy of a figurehead that was attached to the Caledonia, a well known ship. The ship sank in 1842, (172) years ago.

On the corner of Morwenstow church there are corbels which are scary faces to keep the evil spirits away. There are also corbels on the inside of the church which are mounted on the archways. This is very unusual.
The oldest thing in the church is the font because it was built in Saxon times.

At the end of the day we all had a great time. We learned about R.S Hawker, the church and the Caledonia – it was amazing.

By Zoe and Ethan