"Moving On" Book Presentation

Today, we had a very special assembly. As we had some visitors!! They were really kind and gave class Six (us) a book about secondary school called ‘It’s Your Move’.

I was very grateful and pleased and it gave me some confidence about secondary school. In the book it told me about how other people felt about moving schools and I feel just the same. 

By Dani (Year Six) 

Today in assembly two ladies came to give us some prizes and guide books. One of the ladies was called Meg. She was a Methodist Minister at Milton Dameral Chapel. She had come to give us books called “It’s Your Move” .The books were about guiding and helping you through the change from Primary School to Secondary school. There was even some information about guiding you through your new school.

The second lady was called Sheila she came in to give some of the pupils in the school, prizes for doing some drawings related to the stories in the Bible to celebrate the 400th anniversary King Jame’s Bible.                                                      

The drawings were judged fairly. The ladies were supposed to give 10 winners a five pound note and a box of mini smarties, but because the ladies said all the drawings were so wonderful they gave 12 out instead. The ladies were very lovely because they made sure that nobody got upset. They gave everybody a consolation prize so the people that didn’t get a special prize didn’t get upset.

By Erin (Year Six)