Mrs Recycle

On Thursday 5th December, Mrs Recycle visited lots of the classes in school. She came to tell us about recycling and pollution. She showed us a picture of the beautiful Torrington commons and a landfill site, clashing together. She said “if we don’t recycle more, the next lot of rubbish will have to go on Torrington commons.”

First, Mrs Recycle showed us a recycling bin, a food waste pot and cardboard recycling bag. Next, she said to us “we`re going to build a storyboard.” So she split us into our literacy groups and we numbered ourselves one, two , three, four, five and six. Mrs Recycle gave us cards saying glass, fabric, plastic, paper and cardboard.

After that ,Mrs Recycle gave us pictures of the thing that make the materials we had. Then , she gave us pictures of lorries and boats travelling to where they were going to made. She then gave us little warning signs.

Finally, Mrs recycle finished off with saying “recycle more things to stop pollution.” We all enjoyed learning the three Rs which are: reduce, reuse and recycle.

By Ruby, Alicia and Erin (Year Four).