Museum Trips

At the beginning of October, two thousand and fourteen, Class 6 went on a school trip to the Castle Museum in Bude, the Appledore Maritime Museum and the Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford.

First we went to the Burton in Bideford where we learned about mixed things such as, how and when the Bideford bridge was built, Edward Capern the postman poet, John Strane and local North Devon pottery. I was interested in a big pottery plate that H Phillips Potter made, it had two fighting roman soldiers on it.

Next we went to the museum in Appledore where we found out lots about local shipwrecks. We were very lucky that the lady gave us a tour of parts of the museum that you couldn't normally see. I found out about a ship called the Black Prince, which was a smuggling ship in the eighteenth century. We were also very lucky as we got to see a ship called the Picaroona Cleverly - we learnt lots of very interesting facts about it!

Lastly we went to the Bude castle museum where I found lots of really interesting facts about Sir Richard Greenville and where Mr Sentance told us all about the wreck of the ship, the Bencoolen.

I really enjoyed the whole day out and I now know a lot more facts about local history.

By Becky