Nativity 2013

The children in Key stage one have been busy this term learning their lines and practising songs and dances for the Nativity Play. This year the play was 'The Old Man's Tale' the Christmas story told by an Old Man who met Mary and Joseph as a young boy as they travelled to Bethlehem. The children have been writing their thoughts about the play.

"I learnt to do my lines by keeping them in my head. I was really nervous but I done my best. I was as loud as I could be when it was my turn to speak. We did it i the Memorial Hall because the church was too small." Eden.

"When it was the school play I was nervous. I was a kid. When the play was over I was proud of myself" Oscar.

"I was really nervous but it turned out really good. I liked it when the Old Man and the Old Man Rhyme Prompter slapped hands. I felt really proud. I was really happy." Jolie.

"When it was the Nativity Play I was nervous and when I done it I was proud of myself. I was Narrator 2 and when I got home my mummy and daddy said well done." Sam.

"I was a bit nervous so I pretended that they wasn't there and then at the end I liked it." Chelsea.

'When I done the nativity I felt nervous. My parents were here. I felt like there were butterflies in my tummy, but I forgot I was scared. When I got home my mum was proud." Lana.