Netball and Football at Whitstone

On Tuesday the 11th of October we had the pleasure of playing two sports fixtures away at Whitstone, we started with a game of 5 aside Netball followed by 7 aside Football. 


The Netball has come at a terrific time as we enter into the weekly league next week, a friendly before the league has helped the players gel, fine tune some of their game knowledge and better understand the different roles and rules that will be no doubt strictly refereed during the League fixtures. 


We won the game comfortably, with the score-line finishing in double figures, multiple players scoring several points, including seasoned players from last years Netball side George Stephens and Amelia Cleave, as well as new players to the team George Cann, Jude Hoddinott and Violet Bryant all getting onto the scoresheet. 


Isabel Arnot and Jess Manning also played very strongly, Jess another playing her first game for the team, both in played the centre role excellently, setting up some fantastic scoring positions for the forwards and sweeping up with some strong interceptions to break up the oppositions play.


The highlight of the game was George Cann getting hold of the ball, launching it across two thirds into the hoop. Unfortunately he shot it into the hoop our side was supposed to be defending! 


In the Football we continued our strong finish from last season scoring a goal inside the first two minutes, with star striker Max Daniel carrying on his great goal scoring form. Our three attacking midfielders Hugo Waters, George Cann and Seth Cleave set the pace of the game, as soon as any of the three got hold of the ball they drove forward at an incredible pace, showing brilliant pieces of skill to beat players, the Whitstone goalkeeper made some brilliant saves, but ultimately the tenacity of these three and Max ahead of them lead us into a 5-1 half time lead. 


At the back Ryan Stevens and Wilfie Jarvis showed some very strong, physical displays to win the ball and unleash our forward line. In the second half Jude Hoddinott and Violet Bryant got into the action, both scoring some excellent goals from midfield and defence. 

Later on in the game George Stephens came out of goal, George picked up the ball in his own half and hit a first time strike that went through everybody into the back of the net to round up a fantastic win the for the team.


After half term there is a lot more football to be played, I am very excited to see this team continue to grow.