North Wales 2013

Hello again everyone! It's the end of Day Three and everyone is excitedly gearing up for our skiing session.  We have all had an action packed day either gorging, or climbing and kayaking!  Needless to say everyone has enjoyed getting wet and splashing around in the sunshine and trying new activities!

One of our groups has been Gorging with Katrin today, while the other two were Climbing with Fred and Kayaking with Stuart.  Tomorrow we will get to try the activities we haven't already done and everyone is looking forward to another action packed day.

Everyone has slept well - lots of children needed waking up this morning, and everyone is eating lots (and lots and lots!!!).

We will hopefully update tomorrow evening before we go to the cinema!

Lots of love to everyone back home, and thank you for the comments. 


We are all enjoying our skiing sessions - those of us who have been skiing before are using the main slope and having a great time, and the rest of us are having a lesson.  It's been a huge amount of fun so far!