North Wales 2014

Day Five:

We had a brilliant last day at Alton Towers before battling the motorways to get back at mid-night - exactly on time !!!

I think that everyone had an amazing week away.
I think that the children approached every aspect of the trip with enthusiasm and maturity, rising to all of the challenges that faced them and, speaking for myself, it was a real pleasure to be away with them all.

If this week is anything to go by we're going to have a great time next year when I teach them in Year Six.


Day Four:

We've had another action packed day.
The photos are from the "gorging" which two of our groups did today.
As you can see it involved lots of climbing, and jumping and crawling through things - and all of this in a river gorge !!!
As has been the case all week the children had a challenging, exciting and wonderful time.
The photos speak for themselves.

The third group went climbing and kayaking.
Unfortunately I haven't got any photos from them yet, but I'll put them on as soon as I do !

It's skiing tonight and Alton Towers tomorrow so there's plenty more excitement still to come !!


Day Three:

We've just got back to the hostel having spent all day successfully climbing Snowdon.
Basically everyone is exhausted but delighted.
There's a real "buzz" in the hostel this evening !

The children were absolutely brilliant on the mountain and it was an absolute pleasure being out with them. Climbing Snowdon is a huge challenge for anyone, and it's especially amazing for children of such a young age. It just goes to show what children can achieve if they're given the chance !
The children are all feeling very proud of themselves - and we're certainly feeling incredibly proud of each and everyone of them.

Have a look at the video clips below and you'll see how they felt when they reached the top !!

We're having a much more relaxing evening tonight and heading for the cinema.
I wonder if anyone will stay awake !

Thanks for all the messages.
I'll upload them so that the children can read them this evening before we go out.
Hopefully we'll be able to do the same tomorrow so keep leaving them.


Day Two:

It's nearly tea time on day two.
We split into three groups today to go gorging, rock climbing and kayaking.
As you can see the sun shone down on us and we had a wonderfully challenging day.

It was our first experience of climbing outside and everyone managed to get to the top at Lion Rock where we also spent some time bouldering and scrambling.
The views were amazing and it was well worth the effort of getting all the way up.

Kayaking was great with loads of games and lots of "capsizing".
When the kayaks finally started to sink we abandoned them to rope swing and jump into the "lagoon".

After tea we're going down to the Beacon Climbing Wall to climb indoors.

We'll try to get some photos from this, and the the other groups activities today, on-line later on so keep checking back.

Now that this page is up and running you can start to leave messages for the children so please make sure you do !!!


Day One:

Sorry you didn’t get any photos last night.

As expected we’ve got no internet connection at the hostel.
Fortunately we’ve found an internet cafe in Llanberis so we’re off and running.

As you can see we had a fantastic time at the Black Country Museum, even if the teacher in the Victorian Classroom was a bit strict.

Unfortunately the canal barge got stuck in the tunnel so two of our children had to walk it out.

The hostel has just reopened so everything is wonderfully new.