North Wales 2015

This is the final set of photos from the last day of our trip to North Wales, which we spent at Alton Towers.
This provided a completely different set of challenges - and a real mixture of terror and delight !!!

I'd like to thank Megan, Caroline, Helen Lisa and Maurice for their support. This trip wouldn't have been possible without their efforts and I know that everyone is extremely grateful to them for everything they did.

I also know that all of the adults would like to thank the children for the wonderful way in which they went about everything that they took part in.
Their attitude and determination were exceptional and it was great to see everyone challenge themselves in so many different ways and to succeed.

It was a huge pleasure to be away with everyone and to have such a brilliant experience together.

Having had such a great time in North Wales perhaps we should think about going somewhere together next year - London maybe !!