North Wales 2016

Day Three

It's fantastic to report that everyone has safely climbed, and descended, Snowdon and we're all feeling justifiably proud of ourselves.
everyone put in a huge effort and this is an incredible achievement - something that I'm sure we won't forget for a very long time !

As you can see the weather wasn't exactly tropical !!
At the summit the extent of our view was pretty much the person infont of us and the temperature wasn't much more than three or four degrees in the wind, however it was quite an experience to be "inside a cloud".
Lower down the weather was kinder and it really was a day when we started off in T-shirts and ended up in full waterproofs and every layer we had with us.
Who would want to spoil an experience like this by having to suffer sunshine ?

We've finished tea and as this update is being posted the children are just starting their skii session in Llandudno - and I'm off to join them !!

There'll be more posts tomorrow so make sure you check back then.

We really appreciate all the messages so keep them coming.


Here's the promised photo of our amazing climbers at the Beacon Climbung Centre this evening.

We're about to head back to the hostel to get some rest ahead of our Snowdon Challenge tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow to find out how we get on.

Thanks for all the messages - we'll read them to the children back at the hostel before we head to bed !