North Wales 2016

Day Two

It's got to be said that the weather was pretty terrible last night with strong winds and haevy rain through the night.
The good news is that we woke to a different day today and the sun is out. It's been a lovely warm day in North Wales although we obviously still got completely soaking.
We've had loads of fun and lots of challenges taking part in things like kayaking, rock climbing and gorging and it's been wonderful to see the children rise to the things they've been asked to do - and to do eveything with such enthusiasm.

We're currently at an indoor climbing centre (with and internet connection) and if the noise I can hear coming from the children is anything to go by they're having a fantastic time.
(I'm off to join them any second now !!)
We'll try and post a couple more photos of our evening out before we go.
We'll also post any messages you leave in the next hour or so.

Tomorrow is the "Big Day".
We're heading up Snowdon !!!