North Wales 2016

Here are some of the promised photos from our visit to the Black Country Museum yesterday where we had a brilliant time exploring the past !

Everyone settled into to the hostle really well last night (which isn't surprising considering the long day everyone had) and we hd a very peaceful night.
As you can see from this photo, which was taken at breakfast this morning, everyone is full of excitiment for the days ahead.

Photos of our day are coming soon so check back in half an hour or so.

Thanks for all the messages - keep leaving them.


Hello Everyone !!

Here's an unexpected picture of us at the Black Country Museum - we've actually managed to use a "hot-spot" to get on line (isn't technology wonderful)

Everyone has had a great time exploring the Victorian Town; including the Victorian School, Mine and Narrowboat trip . We're all very happy and full of energy for the week ahead. We're heading for North Wales any second now (when the gift shop queue has gone that is !).

There probably won't be any more up-dates until tomorrow - sorry !!
We'll get more photos posted as soon as we can.

Please leave lots of messages for us.