North Wales 2017

Hello everyone.  It's Mrs T here again with an update from the day.  The children have had another really busy day, kayaking, climbing and gorging.  They are currently at the cinema - although I imagine there are lots of tired eyes watching the film! Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to a very different adventure tomorrow. 


Hi everyone - Mrs T here again!  After a busy day of climbing we are very proud to report that all of the children safely reached the top of Snowdon today.  As you can see below we have some pictures of our brave conquerors - apologies for the lack of photos of one of the groups - technology is really not being cooperative with us at the moment!  After such an eventful day the group are now dry slope skiing - and having an amazing time I am sure.   Tomorrow will see them carrying on with their outdoor activities - either kayaking and climbing or gorging. 
Thank you all for your comments and emails.  We will update as soon as we have some more pictures to share!