Penzance 2016

Good Morning everybody.  We are all wide awake after a very restful nights sleep (although there was alot of snoring - or breathing heavily as the children call it!!).  We've eaten an enormous breakfast and at the moment we are at the National Maritime Museum finding out about the structure and stabilty of different boats to help us build our own for races after lunch. 

Luckily the Musuem has excellent wifi so I will upload some more photos from yesterday as well as a few from this morning so far!  More will hopefully follow after lunch. 


Now for the eagerly awaited results from the laser quest tournament last night......

We split into four teams, as the photos show.  The winning team was the Blue Team - so Alex is very happy this morning!  Most impressive of all is that we saw the highest individual score we have ever seen at a laser quest game - and not from one of the big kids!  We have a new laser quest champion, with an amazing score of 22,000 points!  Congratulations Callum! 
(I think we will have to talk Sir into getting a trophy!!)


Between us yesterday we took over 500 photos!  Quite alot of them were selfies - some of those are here for you to giggle at!!
I've also included a few more pictures from yesterday's adventure - something to keep you going until we get todays photos up here!  Thanks again for all of the messages - it's great to hear from everyone!