Penzance 2018

Hi everyone.  Its 8:30pm on Day Two and we are currently enjoying a rather competitive bowling match!  The children are giving the staff an amazing run for their money - in fact they are winning in most cases!!!

We have had a fantastic day at the National Maritime Museum and at Pendennis Castle.  As the pictures below show, we have been very busy, but have lots of stories to tell you all when we get back home.

We built our own 'Scrapheap' boats at the Maritime Museum and raced them across the indoor pool.


After three heats we reached the final as you can see below.


The results of the final were:

In Third Place - Oscar & Amelia


In Second Place - Nate, Bradley and Adam


Supreme Champions - Seb and William


After our races and a quick gift shop fix, we headed to Pendennis Castle where we were able to explore the forts, before being treated to a firing of an original WW1 gun, and a tour of the Half Moon Battery, with an expert who told us all about the way in which the battery was used during the War.  We were all engrossed in his stories and information, and the children asked some amazing questions!


As you can see we are now having lots of fun bowling, before heading back to the hostel where I think the children will fall asleep incredibly quickly!  If we dont manage an update in the morning, we will see everyone back at school at 6pm, after a very action packed day at Camel Creek (Crealy!).   Mrs T will get some photos from Crealy added during as soon as we are back, so please check back to see what we get up to!