Penzance 2018

Good morning everyone!  It's 11am on day two and we are currently at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.  Everyone slept soundly (with a lot of snoring!!) and has eaten an enormous breakfast before heading off for the day.  We are currently learning about the features of sail powered boats to help us with our designs for the 'Scrapheap Challenge' boat race that will take place after lunch.  We will try to get some more photos uploaded during dinner this evening so keep checking in!  Thank you to everyone for your comments - we will keep reading them to the children during the day.


PS - I found these pictures from yesterday when we were uploading this mornings photos.  I couldn't resist adding them.  The boys were rather mortified to discover that they had been intently staring at a lady in Victorian Underwear!!!  Also, Seb was keen to show Sir what a barber shop was like - we thought he may be able to visit one to get rid of his beard!!!