Penzance Residential Day Three

Hello everyone, 

We are now safely home from our trip and hopefully everyone is enjoying a restful evening. 
We have uploaded lots of photos from today, so please have a look at our adventures! 

Over the course of the trip we have been blown away by the effort, attitude and amazing enthusiasm that the children have shown - they have been phenomenal ambassadors for our community and it goes without saying that we are incredibly proud of them. 

Finally I need to say an enormous thank you to Imogen, Chelsea, Sarah, Caroline and Elliot for so willingly giving up their time and endless support so that this trip could take place. We are incredibly lucky to have such keen and willing staff, and I am hugely grateful to everyone! 

Have an amazing weekend, 


Mrs T x 

Hi everyone, 

We are currently having an amazing day at Camel Creek, after a really good nights sleep and a huge breakfast.  We broke the school record for packing and leaving the hostel, which means more time for adventures! 

As you can see the children are enjoying all of the rides and activities - hopefully they will sleep well tonight! 
We will keep photos updated through the day wherever we can! See you at 6pm! 

Mrs T x 


Evening folks, heading back now, just travelled past the Cornwall Show with minimal trouble. Expected to be back on time for 6pm.


See you soon!