Poundstock Guildhouse

On Friday 11th October 2013 class 5 went on a school trip to the Gildhouse in Poundstock. We went because our topic is Tudors.

First we dressed up in Tudor peasants clothes. In the morning the activities we did were: Tudor bread making, ginger beer brewing and last of all we made cob.

In the afternoon we dressed up as rich Tudors. We found the costumes extremely uncomfortable. A man told us what musical instruments the Tudors would have used.

Soon after that we went downstairs to play some Tudor games. The games included: skittles, embroidery and chase the goose.

Finally all of us walked back upstairs to do a Tudor dance called la Volta. We got partnered up in height order. It was great fun.

Finally we collected our bread and ginger beer, said thank you and goodbye.

By Ethan, Ellie and Mark