Princess Anne 2015

Everybody was nervous and excited when we climbed in the cars and minibuses to go to Holsworthy market. Princess Anne was visiting to declare it open.

When we arrived, we sat on the bench, trailer or straw bales that had been laid out for us to perform on. The cadettes and Holsworthy town band were also performing, and we can easily say all three performances were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and employees.

We were singing 'Sing' which is in the second set of songs when princess Anne flew over us in her helicopter, and about fifteen minutes later arrived in her car.

She walked down the red carpet and everybody was honoured to be able to be there, perform for her or show her the market itself.

Sir asked Ruby and Ryan W to come over, but we didn`t realise why. He explained that we were going over with a bouquet of flowers to give to the princess. We were delighted that we could meet the Queen's daughter!

We were getting nervous (and squashed!) by the amount of photographers crowded around us, trying to get a photo of the princess herself, and the employees. We were both nervous and excited when we saw Princess Anne approached. She was very elegant and we couldn't wait to meet her!

Princess Anne pulled open two red velvet curtains and there was a beautiful plaque which read," Holsworthy livestock market opened by HRH Princess royal on the 19th October 2015."

We both handed the bouquets to the Princess and she took them gratefully. She asked us which school we attended and we replied," Bradworthy Primary ma`am."

She also asked us," Do you come here often?"

Ryan's response was," my mum works here ma`am." And Ruby's response was," My grandfather farms in a local village so we visit occasionally."

She thanked us and walked back up the red carpet an back to her car.

When we played 'Plough to the end of the row', she gave the school a little wave, and about fifteen minutes later, we saw her flying above the grounds in her helicopter.

James Morrish, one of the main people involved in the project of building the new market, told us, " he was very pleased with our performances. One of the employees will deliver a little present as a thank you." Unfortunately, The princess was a little late to the market so it was a bit hectic when she was leaving. Lady Arran also said," Princess Anne asked her to pass on the message to us that she really enjoyed the performance and could hear it all around the market!"

Everybody will remember this event for the rest of their lives. Thank you to Sir, Mrs Turner and Alex for the music rehearsals, music recording and pushing us to our limits so we could sing and play our very best.

Also, we would like to thank the parents for their help with transportation. Without the amount of help, this event wouldn't have been possible.

Thank you to Kivell`s livestock market for inviting us, we are honoured and hope you enjoyed our performances.

By Ruby Class six