Red Nose 2013

One of the best Red Nose days ever.

Friday 15th March was an exciting day for everyone. It was filled with laughter, happiness and also LOTS of craziness!

That time of year has passed us again. Bradworthy Primary Academy is a brilliant school for fundraising. This year we broke the record for raising the most money our school has ever made, nearly £1000!!

It was an enjoyable day and the School was filled with fun.

Cakes, non School uniform, games, just all round excitement. Not a person in the School was calm. All the effort put in to make the cakes paid off and we all enjoyed them SO much.

Just with the non School uniform we raised over £150. Princesses turned up at the School, looking beautiful as ever. Sleepy heads didn't even bother getting dressed, they turned up in their pyjamas and dressing gowns!!

Dancing was the main event of the day! Crazy jumping, turning and throwing themselves around Class 5. It was utter mayhem. All trying to get a chocolate Easter Egg.

In the end, to decide the winner, everyone had to scream and shout into a sound machine, and funnily enough the 3 that were left all had the same score of 110 decibels, but we think that was the machines highest sound.

Over all a brilliant day!!!!!!!!!

Rachel, Oliver and Ross