Remembrance 2013

On Remembrance Day (11th November) our school walked down to the War Memorial to stand in silence for two minutes. As soon as the church clock struck 11 O'clock the silence started. In the silence we thought about all the people who went to war and we thanked them in our minds.
After this we listened to a poem about the war and Sir read out the names of the men that died in wars from Bradworthy. To finish the ceremony we said the Lord's Prayer.

In the ceremony I felt quite sad but at the same time grateful and happy.
I was sad because of all of the men who had died. I was grateful for all of the food and warmth that I have and not forgetting that it is wonderfully lovely to be at peace.
When we came came back we made a "Wall of Honour". It featured facts about World War I, poetry about war, pictures and quotes. Some of us had people in our families who went to war and we wrote about them.
The whole day was about World War I, the "war to end all wars".

By Phoebe.