Remembrance 2015

On the 11th November all of our classes went down to the cross in the square to show our respect for the soldiers who have fought in wars.

When we arrived we stood by the cross and while Ruby was warming up Sir sad a few words. We read out the names of the people on the cross.

Then Ruby faced to the East and played the Last Post and after this we stood in silence for two minutes. We all thought about the soldiers that have fought in wars for us and died for us.

After our silence Sir read a poem titled “We Remember Them”; he read out the verse and we all replied “We Remember Them” at the end of each line.

At the end Reverend Richard said a prayer.

We remember the soldiers on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of he eleventh month every year because this is the time that the First World War finished.

We think it is important to remember because this might stop wars happening again.