Scarecrows 2015

During the Bradworthy Arts Festival Andrea Downing organised a scarecrow competition, it was for all ages and there were many types.

The theme for the competition was underwater, just like the theme in the school exhibition.

There were many different underwater creatures and pirates were quite popular, no scarecrow was the same and quite a lot of them made us laugh.

Like a traditional scarecrow they were made out of straw and then dressed up, but in a fishy way.

The competition was judged by our year Six children and the winner was awarded a prize, just like in any other competition.

The winner of the competition was Sophie Hudson, her scarecrow was a mermaid with out a head so anyone who passed by could be a mermaid and it was a really clever idea because it let people get involved.

Her idea of everyone being a mermaid came from, when she was making the head but it didn’t turn out very well, so her dad said, why not just not do a head and do a sign saying; “anyone can be a mermaid”.

The prize was a trophy made out of glass, £25 which they generously gave to charity and a box of malteasters.

By Eve And Kaya