Sponsored Read

To celebrate Children’s Book Week and encourage a lifelong love of reading at home and school, we will be running a sponsored read between Monday 31st October and Sunday 6th November.

The project is being organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Organiser, Kate Cleave, and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school.

In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. If we reach the target of £600 we will get at least an extra £360 in FREE books!

If you have not already received a letter you can download one using the link below.   Sponsorship forms and Reading Logs will be handed out on the first day back in school, and we will be completing challenges and activities through the week to help children boost their running totals!  Check back during the Sponsored Read Week to see how we are all getting on!