Surfing 2014

On Friday 12th September a group of class 6 children went surfing for the first time this year at Crooklets beach in Bude. On the way we were all very excited to learn how to surf.

When we got there, we met our two instructors Chris and Kieran. They gave us a wetsuit, rash vest and shoes. When we had got changed we went to get our surfboards. We carried them down to the beach.

After that we had a quick lesson on how to stand up on a surfboard. First of all you put your toes over the end. Then you get up on one knee, this is called the 'marry me' pose. Then turn your hips and stand up.

We also learnt where to be on the surf board and what the parts of the surfboard were called such as, tail, nose and fin.

Soon after our lesson we allowed to go in the sea and surf on our own. Some of us had already surfed before but some of us were total beginners. Most of us had help at the start but by the end we were doing it all on our own. By the end of the session some of us were standing up!

Most people enjoyed it so much that they are now doing the club. On the way back everyone said they had had fun and we can't wait for our next lesson.

By Lauren and Ritchie