Survival Day !!!

On Wednesday 20th May , Class 5 went to Julian’s farm to learn all about Survival Skills and take part in a survival day . Our survivalist was called Roland Jones .We were split into 2 groups and the 1st group went in the morning and the 2nd group went in the afternoon .We travelled in the minibuses to the farm where we were met by Jenny.  Andrew led us off to where we were going to do the survival stuff .


Then it was time to do some surviving!!!!!!!


Roly ( a short name for Roland) was down there with a camo shelter up, and with a toilet.   First Roly asked us what we needed to survive then he showed us lots of things to use to light a fire: a battery, flint and steel, magnifying glass, and wood. Then he talked to us about food and let some people eat locusts and mealworms for some food and to taste some of the food you would have to eat if you were stranded on an island and struggling to survive. Then he made a mealworms omelette for us to try – some of us were brave, and some ate just the omelette!!


After that Jenny had fetched some water from the river and had boiled it over the fire so we could try it.   We tried it then Roly explained that it tasted a bit different to the other because lots of oxygen was sucked into the water that made it taste different.


Finally when we got our ration packs we cooked our main meals in a special bag with a sachet of something in that helped it warm up and cook. When we cooked them and we were allowed to eat them. We poured them into a bowl and ate some if you didn’t like it you could pour it into a plastic bag and which was the bin and you can eat what ever is in the box like energy drinks and biscuits and lots more.


Then we said goodbye and thank you to Roly and then we walked back to the minibuses and went back to school . We had to leave the rest of the army ration packs at school so we could use them in a lesson. Then it was the end of the survival day and we all had lots and lots of fun with Roly!