Ten Tors 2013

Twenty One children from Year Six braved the recent heatwave to complete this year's "Ten Tors Challenge" which is our most extreme sporting event.
This year it involved walking around fifteen miles, navigating, camping and basically using the skills we have learned to survive in the wild on Dartmoor.


Before we went there was a lot of preparation.
We've been involved in four training walks and in addition to this we've also been learning camp skills on the school field.
We had to plan our meals and as you can see we went shopping on the way to the moor to get the things we would need.

Once on the moor we had to set up our campsite and do some final route preparations before heading off on our walks.
We took turns to lead the groups and this meant making sure we got where we needed to go and also looking after the safety of everyone else.
On the last morning we were told where the minibus left us. We were told where it was and had to sort ourselves out so that we could get to it and escape Dartmoor !!!


We had to cook for ourselves each evening .....
..... and having done this, and washed up, there was time for loads of fun "gorging" in the river which went past our camp site.