Ten Tors Challenge 2021

A record number of twenty-five children from Year Six completed this year's "Ten Tors Challenge" which is by far our school's most challenging sporting activity.
Given the amount of sport we are involved in this is really saying something !!!


This year's challenge involved a three day trip, and two nights wild camping, where eveyone had to fend for themselves.
This included putting up tents, supporting each other during the day and overnight, and even cooking all of the meals without any adult help.


The walking part of the challenge involved a six mile route without any support from adults and a total of over twenty-seven miles walking, spread over the three days.


It wasn't all hardwork though as there was plenty of time in the evenings for exploring the gorge which runs up from our camp site and even some late night ghost stories.


I think everyone involved should be feeling incredibly proud of themsleves.