Time Flies: Tempus Fugit

It's that time again...........


In April 2018 Bradworthy Primary Academy will be hosting our annual Arts Exhibition.   This year the theme will be 'Time', and every pupil has been asked to make a clock to contribute to the showcase.


The exhibition will begin with a concert, and will officially be opened on the evening of Thursday 26th April.     We look forward to seeing everyone there, and showing you our fantastic work.


Below is a copy of the brief that the children have been given to help guide their ideas - as always, the more imaginative the better.


The Brief:


  • Originality and imagination are key - weird and wacky is encouraged.
  • The clock should be free standing or designed to hang on a wall.
  • It should be at least A4 in size, but small enough to get in through the school doors.
  • As far as possible, use recycled or reclaimed materials. 
  • The clock doesn't have to work, but if you choose, battery powered mechanisms are available on the internet for as little as £1.
  • Your clock may be a regular timepiece, but if you prefer it might tell the day of the week, predict the tides, the phases of the moon, mealtimes, the weather, mood swings or anything bizarre you can think of. 
  • Help from relatives and friends is welcome, but the clock must be predominately the child's own work. 
  • Adults are welcome to make and submit their own clock. 
  • Handing in must be on or before Monday 23rd April - the first day of the Summer Term.