Torridge Rugby Festival

On Wednesday the 15th of June two tag rugby teams from Bradworthy Academy entered  a festival and did extremely well !!!.

The two teams that went were an A team and a B team. In the A team were Douglas, Stanley, Olly, Aiden, Dan, Molly, Ashleigh, Erin and DanI. We all scored about one try maybe even more for some people, And in the B team were Oscar, Linins, Callam , Bertie, Ellie, Shannon, Charlotte, Lucy and Frankie. They all did excellent !!!.

 At the start of the morning there were four friendly matches both teams won their first match, the second, the third and the fourth !! So both teams did extremely well.
Then in the afternoon it was the knockout stages !! .….
But first, to decided if you were in the cup or the plate, you would play a match - if you won you would go to the cup and if you lost you would go to the plate.
The B team played a match and won so they were in the cup but the A team’s team didn’t turn up so the A team automatically went into the cup.
Both teams played and won so knocked their oppositions out of the competition then both teams played in a semi-final. Unfortunately the B team came across a very strong team from Appledore and were knocked out of the competition but the A team were still going strong for Bradworthy.
They won their semi-final and that meant they were through to the  final!!!.
They came across Hartland A which were a fantastic side and so were Bradworthy  because they won the final 7-1 !!!!! 
This meant that we won gold in the presentation.

 We were very proud of our achievement and hope we do well in future tag rugby events.

By Dan (Year Six)