Tree Planting

Tree Planting Galore!

Class Six went to Julian's Farm to plant some trees we planted 60 trees altogether. On the farm there are now 1100 trees planted, there are a variety of trees. The Wildlife Trust met us at the farm to explain the environment.

The reason that lots of trees have been planted on the farm is that they are trying to join up the woodland. So then there is more space for the wildlife and to make more habitats.

There was also a rare type of land there called Culm which lots of wildlife lives in. Such as Butterfly's, Caterpillars, Frogs, Spiders and lots of different types of Bird. Also next to the Culm was a part of The River Torridge which changes places when it deposits the land it erodes in a different place.

We all had a really great day at the farm, and can't wait to see the outcome of our efforts!

By Marie, Josh, Brendan and Ross.