Wild Tribe

As part of our schol ethos, several of our younger classes have had the opportunity to visit Julians Farm to take part in Wild Tribe sessions.  Read on to find out about Class One and Class Three and their adventures!


Year One have recently completed a series of Wild Tribe sessions at Julians Farm.   Within these sessions the children have been busy learning how to use a knife safely to make feathersticks.   The children have also spent time designing our own wild tribe area, incorporating all the things that we thought would make wild tribe extra exciting.


Some of the children's suggestions were: a pond, apple trees (so we could pick our own snacks), a fire pit, teepees and a dinosaur park!!  We can’t wait to visit Jenni and Andrew again to see the new dinosaurs!!!


Over the past few weeks, Class 3 have begun their Wild Tribe sessions at Julian’s Farm. We have been having a fantastic time doing some outdoors maths learning, such as collecting data and making bar charts as well as measuring trees and leaves using different tools to measure. The children have also been learning different Wild Tribe skills such as threading hazel and elder to make their own necklaces and also creating feather sticks. Class 3 will be returning after half term for their remaining sessions, and hopefully we’ll be treated with as lovely weather as we’ve had so far!