World Book Day 2014

On Friday 6th March, Our school celebrated World book day.The theme for the day was share a book. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Holsworthy Library they came so we could choose a book from their pop up Library.

In the morning, we all turned up in our fabulous costumes. We dressed up as our favourite characters out of a book. At break time we all did a book swap. We had to bring in a book, hand it in, then we could collect someone else’s book for free.

After break, all the classes set to work writing about a book. We did this so later in the day we could perform it in assembly. After a couple of hours of hard work, we finally had lunch. A couple of us went to lunch late in order to finish some work for our performance.

At last it was time for our performance in assembly. We all sat down in our spaces ready to watch class 1 perform. They did a lovely performance for their age. Next up was class 2, they sang a song a beautiful song as well. Someone from class 3 explained to us about what they had been learning about in class. Next she showed us a booklet full of Greek myths.

After that, it was our class next, Lydia and Eden had offered to read out a poem that they had worked on over lunch. After there brilliant performance, it was class 5’s turn. Class 5 had made amazing adventure books and class 6 told us about there favourite books and authors.

Finally, prizes were given for Fancy dress and it was time to head home. All that was left to do was tidy up and take our world book day tokens home with us. I really enjoyed the day. I hope Holsworthy Library can come again next year.

Zoe (Class 4)