World Book Day

We haven't bothered with a World Book Day this year !


Instead we've gone for a World Book Month !!
Kymble is our librarian and her job is to make reading as enjoyable as possible for everyone in our school. She always does a great job and this last month is no exception.


We've been competing in our Houses to find out who is the most enthusiastic group of readers. We've been recording "home-reads" to earn stickers and prizes - and most importantly to rack-up points for our teams.


The winner was announced at our World Book Day Quiz, when the whole school gathered to test our knowledge of books .....


..... and the winning team was Herons !


Our Book Day Quiz was great fun.


Our Class qualifiers from Year Three to Six represented their houses but everyone was involved.

In fact we gave out nearly fifty Easter Egg Prizes to children from across the school.


The winning team was Puffins !


What a great day.

Thank you Kymble !!!