Year 4 Orienteering

Over a few weeks Class Four were split into three groups, the groups travelled on Thursday mornings to Castle Drogo. 


Each student had a map in hand and were taught how to identify what they were seeing on the map using a range of skills. The route we walked is just over a mile and a half with a few challenging hills, so the test is also a physical one.


We also wanted the activity to work on team cooperation so we added a competitive element, we told each group they were being timed to see how fast they could reach the finish, each member of the team had to find 13 markers along the route which had 4 letters on to write down. 


Mr Lapham and Elliot have been doing this for a number of years and were really impressed with how well the groups took to understanding the maps and finding the markers, all three groups we are pleased to say completed the course in under an hour. Well done team! 


Group 1: 58:31

Group 2: 48:30

Group 3: 43:13