Year 4 Residential 2013

It's now 11:30pm on Day Two, and everyone is tucked up in bed and fast asleep.


We have had a fabulous evening at the Minack, and everyone really enjoyed the play!  Luckily we only had one slight rain shower, and that was right at the end!  Everyone went to bed dreaming of rollercoasters and play areas, so I imagine there will be lots of excited faces when we wake them up in the morning!


It's 5:30pm on Day Two, and we are just getting changed and ready for our tea before we head off to the Minack.   We have had an awesome day, exploring the Maritime Museum, building our own boats, racing our boats, traversing the path to St Michaels Mt (despite the wind!!), and finding the Giant's Heart on the way to the very top where we were able to explore the enormous castle!  Needless to say we are all having a well earnt rest for a moment!

We started the day at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.  We carried out lots of experiments to help us get ideas for our own boats, then we were let loose on the scrap materials!  As you can see, our boats were very imaginative!


This afternoon we have been on a rather windy adventure to St Michael's Mount.  We had lots of fun finding out about the legend of the Giant whose heart is buried in the path.  The teachers acted out the legend for us which was entertaining for children and all the other tourists - especially Mrs Brown's performance as the poor sheep!


It's eleven pm and everyone is safely tucked up in bed!  We have had a fabulous day at the Eden Project and Laser Quest, with the scores being very very close and the winning team changing 15 seconds before the end of the match!  We worked at two teams - the red team vs the blue team, and in the end the blue team were victorious!  Needless to say everyone had a great time shooting and being shot!!