Year 6 on the Beach

As part of our topic - ‘Underwater’, Class Six went on a beach trip. We went to Northcott Mouth and Wansom mouth which are near Bude, in Cornwall, on the 20th of March 2015. First we went to Northcott Mouth where we found lots of interesting and unusual rocks and lots of other things.

One of the interesting things that we found were Blue Striped mussels!
They were all in a huge group all over a big rock in the middle of the sand. Another fascinating thing that we found was Honeycomb Worm which was on the same large rock as we found the mussels on, from the outside it looked soft and spongy, however it was hard and rough because it was made from sand.


The Ship Wreck

At Northcott Mouth we had a look at the ship wreck, The S.S Belem which was wrecked in 1917. We got close and looked at the increable remains Mr. Sentence told us all about it, the S.S Belem was on its way to Wales carying cargo when it wrecked at Northcott Mouth, luckily all 36 sailors aboard were rescued


Spiny starfish

As we were leaving the beach Tim (Mr. Sentences friend who was beach combing) Showed us a Spiny starfish that he had found by the wreck. He let us all hold it!


By Becky and Ashleigh