Year Five 1646

As an end to our topic work on the Tudors and Stuarts, Class Five visited 1646 in Torrington.  During the day we were part of lots of sessions and activities which helped us to understand what life was like in Stuart England.  Please check in to our class web page soon, as we are writing reports from the trip to explain what we got up to!


We had lots of fun learning about the weapons used in the Civil War.  It was very exciting to be able to hold and feel the weapons and ammunition (although it was terrifying for Miss Daniel!), and Molly was not impressed with her 'boyfriend' when we learnt about Stuart etiquette!  The most worrying moment was when Joe started a sword fight with Master Christopher - lets just hope Sir doesn't find out!


During lunch each group was able to explore the replica streets of Stuart Torrington, and we learnt about the plague, living conditions, and the Battle of Torrington.

We also enjoyed exploring the stocks, and Miss Daniel is going to suggest that the student parliament consider adding a set to the playground - somewhere to keep the children who haven't learnt their spellings!


At the end of the day we were treated to a musket firing display, before we were enlisted into the Royalist Army!  Master Christoper and Mistress Agnes think our Pike skills may still need a little work though!