Year Five Residential Day Five

Good morning!!


We are well on the road, cases loaded and the children all excited for the rides ahead. Will try and upload photos throughout the day as WiFi at Alton Towers is usually pretty good. 


Will keep updated later on this evening with regards to ETA to be home, as it stands there is no reason for a delay but of course things can change throughout the day. 


See you all later! 


Afternoon update


We have just finished riding our first ride of the day, the river rapids, our journey was delayed significantly as the third bus in our convoy, the one with 8 boys, Sarah, myself and the cases was crashed into. The children are all absolutely fine, nobody was hurt or affected by the crash, the cases didn't move and the damage to the bus is minimal. 


As you can see by the below queue times we have appeared to have arrived at Alton Towers busiest day in History, despite this the children are in brilliant spirits, the sun is shining and we are all excited for our next ride.


Good evening everybody.


We have left Alton Towers in good time, everybody has had a great day and we managed to get on a fair amount of rides considering our limited time and queues to battle. 


I will keep you updated with regards to timings, as it stands there are no concerns. 


Have just left Sedgemoor services ETA 12:15am as it stands, fingers crossed that will be our final arrival time! See you soon!