Year Five Residential Day Four

Good morning everybody! 


We are all excited and geared up, packed to the nines in our bags ready to attack the mountain today. The weather is looking good, a sprinkle of rain forecast later on in the day but the team are well equipped to tackle it if it comes. 


The children are about to embark on a huge challenge today, we are very proud of how they have held themselves this week and are sure today is going to be a great success. 


Good evening everybody! 

We are down the mountain after an absolutely phenomenal day. It started off well with the weather, then my earlier optimism about the rain was squashed as we all got completely plummeted on! 


Photos were few and far between as the children really did have to battle some extreme wet. 


The children split off into smaller groups with one adult and an instructor each, some making their way to the top and others having wonderful experiences in different areas of the mountain, enjoying the lakes and different paths and such.


Just about to have tea now then make our way to the cinema.


You should all be hugely proud of your wonderful children for what they have achieved today, we are really delighted for them and the incredible effort they have put in.