Year Five Residential in North Wales

Day Five ( and Home !) -

We've left the photo from the top of Snowdon at the top of the page because we think it is probably the weeks biggest challenge and achievement, however click the image to get to a couple of photos from "the gorge" and some photos from Alton Towers - which wasn't a bad place to spend the last day away.

We got back to school just after 11.30pm and even though we had, had a fantastic week away it was great to find everyone waiting and to get home !!

We can start looking forward to the next adventure now !!!!!


Day Four Update
We've found the internet cafe again!!  Everone has had a fabulous day - the second group have made a valiant effort and made it to the top of Snowdon, while yesterdays mountaineers spent their day gorging.   The weather has held for us, although todays Snowdon group didn't quite enjoy the same views as yesterdays - being inside the clouds put a stop to that !!! 

Everyone is very proud of themselves, and looking forward to a quiet evening at the cinema!!  (and of course Alton Towers tomorrow!!)


Richard rang at lunch time from the top of Snowdon! the second group have made it up to the top, although they are up in the clouds today, no views like yesterday. Everyone fine, having a fantastic time.

Day Three Update -
We've found an internet cafe (sort of !!!) so here are some photos of our first couple of days. Everyone is having a fantastic and very energetic time and we've had the quietest nights on record.
We've been kayaking, climbing, gorging and some of us made it to the top of Snowdon today - the rest are going tomorrow. 


As you can see from the photos everyone is in really high spirits and the children's attitudes to all of the things we've been doing has been amazing to see.
They've all risen to every challenge that has been thrown at them, working brilliantly together and having loads of fun along the way.
We're all very proud of them.

We'll put some more photos on if we get a chance.
See you all on Friday. 


Day 3 latest news. Richard rang at lunchtime to say everyone fine. One group ascending Snowdon and one group climbing today and vice versa tomorrow. Weather perfect. All slept well.

Day 2 latest news. Richard has just rung to say everyone is fine and having a great time.  Weather dry and warm.  His group are climbing. He'll try to put more photos on website tonight.

Day 1

We've arrived safely at the Black Country Museum.
We've had lunch and have just been down the mine in a canal barge. We had a go at walking the barge through the tunnel on the way out.

We're going to have a look around and then we're heading to the Victorian School for a lesson.

More photos later if we get the chance.


At 7.00am on Monday 27th June we'll be off to Snowdonia on our Year Five Residential Trip.

Things like internet connections and mobile phone signals are likely to be a bit challenging but we'll update this web-page if we can.

Failing this we'll keep in touch with school using old fashioned land lines so feel free to ring in and check on our progress.  

Tuesday morning:  Weather glorious. Everyone slept well and many children had to be woken up. They will try to update website later at an Internet Cafe in Llanberis.